BJ Home Care Companion Care


Companionship For Seniors

BJ Homecare in Virginia provides care and companion care for your loved ones. We understand the remarkable effects companionship can have on seniors’ health and happiness. And when they engage with others and build relationships with community members and friends, they thrive. Not only that, but it can also improve symptoms of depression and feelings of isolation. In fact, companion care can even reduce the risk of dementia.

Personal Care


Specialized Senior Care

As aging adults reach a certain point, there are more options than just a care facility. Although, some adult children assume that their parent might prefer living in a nursing home. But in-home care can provide the one-on-one care appropriate for clients with various levels of care needs. This includes the specialized care required by a caregiver dealing with Parkinson or Alzheimer.

Hospital To Home Care


BJ Homecare Hospital To Home Care Service

Proper hospital to home care is essential for a speedy recovery after a hospital discharge. In fact, without the proper hospital to home care, patients are usually readmitted within a few weeks of discharge. At BJ Homecare, we understand the importance of of in-home care. It is the key resource for a safe and successful recovery process.

Respite Care


Why Choose Our BJ Home Care Respite Care Team?

Respite care is short-term relief of the caregiver from the full-time care they provide. This short term is usually only one to two weeks. Because the carer will be different from your usual provider, respite breaks can take place in your own home.

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